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The ReNu Coin Green Paper

Global blockchain, cryptocurrency, and smart contract platform for renewable energy.

Offering Summary for Pre-ICO Sale

The ReNu Green Token, Pre-sale Initial Coin Offering (Pre-ICO), is an exclusive event for the purpose of raising up to $5 Million US. ReNu aims to create a community and blockchain technology to tackle sustainable energy and global garbage problems by cryptographically amortizing all renewable fuel sources.

Company Goals

ReNu is the world’s first Initial Coin Offering (ICO) created with the goal of achieving a Decentralized Automated Organization (DAO) dedicated to advancing a balanced and healthy relationship between humanity and the physical environment.

Demonstrating our understanding of the Blockchain, Smart Contracts, decentralization and the human condition; we will present an ambitious global bottom-up economic system that ties every human’s financial well being to the well being of the environment.

Practicing what we preach, ReNu’s founding quorum will create a merit based corporate economy of ideas and processes. Recognizing the power of trust based business environments, ICO-Smart Contract principles will be applied to internal corporate ideas and standard operating procedures.

ReNu’s flat organizational structure provides resiliency and adaptability to face the inevitable challenges facing the zero-trust smart contract industry. At the same time, this horizontally and decentralized organization is the most effective system to potentially employ everyone on Earth.


This paper will demonstrate how digital financial tools can generate scalable global eco-empathy by leveraging blockchain technology to create economies that incentivize human activity to maximize success for the triple bottom line of People, Planet and Prosperity (PPP).

Producing electricity from renewable fuel sources is a manifest good for humanity; the value and benefit resulting from generating renewable power, or by participating in the renewable power supply chain, can now be measured, valued and even traded via smart contracts.

Modern waste-to-energy technologies set the foundation for new markets that directly assign value to everything from agriculture waste to the human digestive process. By turning waste into profit, economies will shift, with the greatest and most immediate positive impact on the poorest people around the world.

ReNu is designed to encompass the greatest number of humans as a global investment solution by providing the masses with a tool that quantifies and measures humanity’s relationship to renewable power generation, and to personal and community waste.


The ReNu Pre-ICO is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on the WAVES Blockchain, designed to finance the conversion of renewable resources into electricity.

This paper will discuss:

  • How blockchain tools offer powerful systems to address global problems.
  • How the value of energy produced by renewables, including garbage and waste, can be captured by any human with access to a mobile device.
  • How the creation of seamless tools for humans can generate value directly into a globally scalable wealth generation investment system.
  • How the revolutionary leap will be made past traditional investment requirements of business ownership/value creation, access to investment markets, and financial management tools.
  • How we will shape frontier markets, developing economies and emerging governments to adopt an easy-to-use, secure and universal value creation and trading platform.

Sophisticated readers will identify mechanisms that will ease transition into this new system. Some readers’ experiences will lead them to recognize cultural, environmental or governmental obstacles – and perhaps recognize solutions as well. ReNu is designed to create a new economic force, powerful enough to overcome any obstacles by leveraging decentralized technological solutions.

The Founders: Bridging Washington, D.C. and Silicon Valley

Two entrepreneurs from very different backgrounds have joined together to develop an economic model that will reshape how humanity interacts with its environment.

Trent Lapinski made his impact on Silicon Valley at a young age, building and selling tech companies while still in his twenties. Now in his thirties, Trent is firmly situated at the tip of San Francisco’s tech spearhead. Trent is an enlightened future-focused technologist intent on building world-changing systems.

Greg Kerr is a multilingual, seasoned Pentagon analyst and former Marine with 5 combat tours. Separated from the military, Greg’s company in West Africa has over 3 years experience building 7 renewably fueled off-the-grid energy grids, and is a trusted green energy implementing partner with the United States Agency for International Aid (USAID) and the US Army in Africa.  

The Team and Advisors

Greg and Trent have put together a team of successful entrepreneurs, engineers, consultants and financial experts as part of the founding team. Additionally, they have advisors on deck to guide the company through a multitude of complex markets. The names and areas of expertise of the team will be posted to the website upon finalization of employment. (

ReNu Coin: A Cryptocurrency and Smart Contract system for the renewable energy industry

A cryptocurrency is a blockchain-based ledger system with both transparency and privacy in mind, enabling a trust-based system of trade between humans via digital currency. By launching a renewable energy cryptocurrency, we are essentially launching a renewable energy bank, with the critical distinction that instead of a bank existing within a centralized system, anyone can launch one’s own exchange and participate in the decentralized global digital market that is ReNu Coin.

To facilitate the conversion of energy to cryptocurrency, we will leverage existing energy technologies, as well as invest in future technologies. Once our ICO is complete we will develop a smart contract platform on top of the ReNu cryptocurrency and launch this new cryptocurrency in 2018.

This will specifically allow anyone to convert renewable energy into ReNu Coins and trade that energy with someone else in exchange for cryptocurrency. Individuals can then create their own smart contracts on our platform in order to exchange, buy, trade, and sell energy. We will invest in renewable energy technologies and intellectual property that facilitate our ability to grow renewable energy projects across the globe while also leveraging our own cryptocurrency. At the same time, we will also build tools to allow anyone to do the same.

Decentralization Defined

By decentralizing our currency, anyone can download that currency, exchange software and be part of the smart contract system in order to buy, trade, and sell using independent computing power and resources. This provides redundancy in the system, and forces companies to operate as their own self-sustaining nodes, all interconnected and capable of interacting with the global network. Ensuring that if one exchange or node goes down, the rest of the network will not be impacted. We can also incentivize people to run nodes by rewarding them with cryptocurrency, otherwise known as “mining.”

Smart Contracts

Creating a smart contract system for facilitating the conversion and trading of renewable energy, ReNu will be the first major cryptocurrency in the world specifically tied to the global renewable energy industry.

Decentralized Applications + Smart Contracts

Decentralized Applications (DApps) and smart contracts created on the blockchain will track the account holder’s value creation of renewable energy. Peer-to-peer value trading will pay people for renewable biomass, such as waste, or for harvesting solar power.

In the same way Uber and Airbnb brought access to business ownership and value creation to a wider population, ReNu will remove obstacles to business ownership and value creation at the local level, as well as globally. Access to wealth generation will simply require waste, access to a renewable energy production, and a mobile phone.

People, Planet, Prosperity (PPP)

Triple Bottom Line (TBL)—People, Planet, Profit (PPP)

The TBL is a business accountability framework that equally weighs impact along social, environmental, and financial measures of success. 

ReNu’s Impact On People

Value creation for every human

ReNu draws its value from the key moment where renewable fuel is converted to electricity. Certified renewable energy generating devices will measure and report electricity production, and the value generated will be traded in exchange for fuel. ReNu’s value will be based on a global market cap with localized market rates decided by smart contracts to determine the price of electricity. This system will quickly give people access to local energy markets, and incentivizes sustainable energy creation within a community.

Value trading and investing for every human

ReNu provides a globally scalable vehicle for individual value creation and each person is then able to trade that earned value directly with anyone else on the planet. This localized value creation is not dependent upon trade within the global renewable energy market. In short, ReNu harvests the colossal un-gathered value of the world’s masses and focuses that value directly into sustainable energy infrastructure.

Decentralized Applications

Decentralized Applications (DApps) provide ways for anyone to generate value by participating in the waste-to-energy supply chain. By depositing trash at a waste-to-energy site, or using a toilet attached to a wastewater-to-energy system, anyone can contribute to the simplest business model on the planet. Beyond that, ReNu makes small business ownership accessible to nearly every human. This is the power and potential of ReNu Coin.

ReNu’s Impact on the Planet

ReNu fuels local innovation

A direct and decentralized path to generating value through the conversion of renewables to energy will drive the proliferation of renewable energy at the local level. The creation of a transparent and efficient avenue to generating power from renewable fuel sources is the backbone to any human-wide effort to properly manage environmental balance.

ReNu’s Impact on Prosperity

Market Potential

World energy consumption is expected to increase at an alarming rate. From 2012 to 2040, the total world consumption of marketed energy is expected to expand from 549 quadrillion British Thermal Units (Btu) to an anticipated 815 quadrillion Btu in 2040 (International Energy Outlook 2016).

Using the US power grid as a reference, an operational capacity increase of 48% would require tens of dozens of new power plants to be erected, bringing with them an estimated multi-trillion dollar price tag and endless tons of additional pollutants.

Fair and efficient financing for the production of sustainable energy

Authoring the most efficient green energy infrastructure finance system will generate invaluable market information. Detailed data management, analysis and machine learning will provide insight into local trends, best practices and economic forecasting indicators.

Power of first

Being the first to market with a bottom-up, green energy cryptocurrency will help us dominate the market. Approximately half the people on earth lack any banking access and will be excited about the opportunity to exchange of waste products for either energy, or monetized for use in their local ecosystems.


The Profit Stakeholders and How They Make Money:

Energy Producers

Industries that harness power from renewable sources will receive value per kilowatt-hour produced, dependent on the local electricity market value. This value can be traded to partners, employees, governments, and local residents, or traded for fiat currencies through a decentralized exchange service.

Fuel Producers

In terms of waste-to-energy, individual and community efforts to properly gather and dispose waste will now be a value-generating activity.

ReNu Coin Pre-ICO

Since we’re launching a global digital currency, you’re contributions arn’t going just to us, you’re contributing to the global interest of renewable energy.

The ReNu Green Token, Pre-ICO is an exclusive event. ReNu aims to tackle the sustainable energy and global garbage problems by cryptographically amortizing all renewable fuel sources. Our blockchain economic tools will generate massive shifts in human group behavior that are required to address complex global challenges.

We are raising up to $5 Million US in seed-round through an ICO by exchanging ReNu Green Tokens on the WAVES platform for existing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Waves.

This is a cryptocurrency raise only. We will not be accepting United States Dollars (USD). If you need assistance assist in purchasing cryptocurrency to participate, please contact us at info -@-

This initial Pre-ICO is a token sale, and NOT a sale of a completed cryptocurrency. We are leveraging existing blockchain technology to facilitate the creation and allocation of tokens during our initial Pre-ICO. ReNu Tokens do not have a guaranteed monetary value, and there is absolutely no promise of profit or a return on investment.

Tokens can be bought and sold on a decentralized exchange using the Waves Platform.

The purpose and intent of these tokens are to be traded for a future cryptocurrency of ReNu Coins, of which there are also no guarantees in the monetary value or market cap. In other words, we are seeking angel investors who ultimately align with our vision and also desire to see the tools and technology we intend to develop to exist so that they can later leverage them on their own in a decentralized ecosystem.

Our intention is to develop the blockchain tools and technology required to facilitate everything mentioned above in this Green Paper, then release the ReNu Coin cryptocurrency and smart contract system for free. We will determine our official roadmap after the seed round is complete, and we are able to bring on more advisors. Once the cryptocurrency and smart contract system are released to the world we will be open sourcing the platform, and it will not be owned by anyone. We intend to setup a governing body to oversee the future development of ReNu Coin, but no one will truly own it as the system will be completely decentalized.

If this kind of risk scares you, then this is not the right investment opportunity for you. If this kind of oppertunity excites you, then the most logical way to look at this is almost like a kick starter. While we believe there will be opportunities for crypto based profits given the capitalistic nature of the system we intend to develop, this is not a get rich quick scheme but an ideological investment in developing new blockchain technology to change the world by incentivizing renewable energy creation.

The ReNu Green Token will be tradable on the WAVES platform DEX (, and will be the same token used for our 100 Million USD public ICO in 2018 (which this seed round will be financing).

ReNu Green Tokens will later be traded for ReNu Coins when we launch our own cryptocurrency in the future.

The value of contributions in the Pre-ICO has the highest likelihood to gain the most cryptocurrency based value but again we cannot guarantee a return on investment. Pre-ICO funds will finance a globally focused team of industry professionals that will harness the power of the blockchain to solve planet-wide problems.


Usage of Funds – ReNu Green Token Pre-ICO Event:

  • Research and development of ReNu Coin cryptocurrency and smart contract platform
  • Research and development of blockchain technology
  • Establishing a non-profit based governing entity for the ReNu Coin cryptocurrency
  • Digital Marketing execution, including: global targeted advertising, press releases, videos, presentation materials, and branding
  • Funding the development of the $100 Million ICO launch in 2018
  • Business development, including, but not limited to, further establishment of relationships in the renewable energy industry
  • Operating expenses, including: salaries, equipment, legal, and business travel
  • ReNu ICO Launch Event (location and date to be decided)

Contribute to the future of renewable energy.

ReNu Coin’s mission is to become the primary electrical unit of cost for renewable energy throughout the world, blending the lines of conscious waste management and renewable energy to create unparalleled value for contributors, and for our planet.

The maximum amount of monetary contributions for any single Pre-ICO member is $5 Million US (25 Million ReNu Green Tokens) during the entirety of the Pre-ICO event. Pre-ICO contributors will acquire 5 ReNu Green Tokens for $1 in equivalent cryptocurrency. For more information please read the Terms of Service Agreement.

ReNu Green Token Pre-ICO:

  • $1 US = 5 ReNu Green Tokens
  • Maximum ReNu Green Tokens offered in Pre-sale: 25 Million tokens
  • Minimum Investment: $100 US (500 Tokens)
  • Maximum Investment: $5 Million US
  • 1 ReNu Green Token = 10 ReNu Coins after currency launch.
  • You must be an accredited investor.

ReNu Green Token ICO:

  • $1 US = 1 ReNu Green Token
  • Maximum ReNu Green Tokens offered: 100 Million tokens
  • Minimum Investment: $10 US
  • Maximum Investment: $100 Million US  
  • 1 ReNu Green Token = 10 ReNu Coins after currency launch

Pre-ICO In 2018

Cryptocurrency launch in late 2018 or early 2019.

Together, we will change the world.


Converting Tokens to Coins

ReNu Green Tokens (the “Token(s)”) will be tradeable on the WAVES Dex ( as soon as the first Tokens are distributed to members. During the time period following the Pre-ICO and ICO, the ReNu Coin Group will initiate development of the ReNu Coin (the “Coin(s)”), including the associated blockchain and smart-contracts. Upon the completion of ReNu Coin and the ecosystem, a launch date will be announced either by email and/or posted on the ReNu Coin website. We anticipate releasing a 30 day notice informing members of the expected launch date of the Coin, as well as additional information regarding the TRADING of Tokens for Coins. Under the use of a secured web portal, members will be able to trade ReNu Green Tokens for ReNu Coins at a 1:10 ratio.

Pricing of Coins Based on the Value of Tokens

The price of each ReNu Coin will be determined by the price of ReNu Green Tokens at a single moment, the time determination will be listed in the Notice prior to the ReNu Coin Launch. The subsequent “beginning conversion price” will be determined by the price of ReNu Green Tokens at the “time of determination.”

For example, if ReNu Green Tokens are trading at a value of USD$1.50 at the time of determination, then each ReNu Coin will be priced at USD$0.15. In this example, a single ReNu Green Token held by a member will be converted to 10 ReNu Coins, with a beginning conversion price at each USD$0.15.

It is important to note that ReNu Green Tokens and ReNu Coins will be tradeable simultaneously. Having a locked conversion ratio means no matter what the price is of ReNu Green Tokens or ReNu Coins, the conversion ratio will remain the same at 1:10. Using the example detailed above, regardless if the price of Token or Coin fluctuate upward or downward, the conversion will remain true that a single Token will convert to 10 coins.

The Importance of Conversion

While it’s possible that the conversion web portal may reopen after closing, The ReNu Coin Group makes no warranty or representation that the process of liquidation or associated web portal converting Tokens to Coins will reopen once closed. Due to the fact that both Tokens and Coins can be traded at the same time, we highly encourage the liquidation of Tokens to Coins as soon as possible. It’s imperatively important for members to check the ReNu Coin website for updates on development and the anticipated launch of ReNu Coin.

Warranty and Representation

Under the fullest extent of law, you (the “member”) understand that ReNu Coin Group makes no representation of warranty, service or access to the converting web portal. You accept that these services are “as-is” and “as-available” and you hold no liability to ReNu Coin Group for your inability to access or use such a web portal.

For questions please contact us below.

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