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The future of decentralized renewable energy.

Building the blockchain tasked with democratizing global renewable energy.

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The Problem:

Our World has become polluted, and waste has become a daily life challenge for billions of people.

We are burning fossil fuels to power our communities, meanwhile many people are still without sustainable power. The World cannot rely on oil and power plants alone, and the system has no choice but to change to renewables.



The Solution:

We intend to solve this problem by taking advantage of innovative technologies to incentivize people to convert waste into electricity.

So instead of discarding waste, people get paid to collect it and convert it into energy.

How It Works

Step 1

Someone provides waste that can be converted into energy.

Step 2

They are paid in ReNu Coin for the waste based on how much energy it can generate.

Step 3

ReNu Coin can then be traded around the World to buy electricity or other goods.

Our plan is to create our own global blockchain for renewable energy, as well as our own cryptocurrency to incentive people to convert their waste into energy.

We believe a new bottom-up economic model specifically for renewables can incentivize everyone to work together to change the World.

Combining innovative technologies we can create new systems for empowering the people of the World to convert their waste into energy.

What is a blockchain?

A blockchain is like a ledger, or shared database, that anyone can download and contribute both data and computing power to.

Allowing everyone to participate in a decentralized network for computing and trading different kinds of renewable energy.


What is a cryptocurrency?

It is a digital currency that can be verified against the blockchain without the need for a central bank.

Allowing everyone to trade different kinds of renewable energy against a single digital currency specifically for renewable energy. This way, the value of the currency is dictated not by a bank, but by how much the World values renewable energy.

What is decentralization?

A decentralized system is a system without any central authority. It allows individual nodes, clusters, or communities to communicate, and work together without the aid of a central system.

Why now?

With advancements in artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and decentralized blockchain technology it is now possible to shift economic models to incentivize people to participate in their local communities by creating value not only for themselves, but others as well by cleaning up waste and converting it to renewable energy.   

ReNu Coin Roadmap

Bridging Washington D.C. and Silicon Valley

A team of entrepreneurs from vastly different backgrounds create an unlikely but necessary team to develop an economic model that will forever reshape how humanity interacts with the environment.

To learn more about the founders read some of their published articles on HackerNoon.

The ReNu Coin Team

Greg Kerr

Greg Kerr


Greg Kerr is a multi-lingual, seasoned Pentagon analyst and former Marine with 5 combat tours. Greg earned a living advising stability and de-escalation on the front lines in US and non-US conflicts around the world. Separated from the military, Greg’s company in West Africa has over 3 years experience building 7 renewably fueled off-the-grid energy grids, and is a trusted green energy implementing partner with the United States Agency for International Aid (USAID) and the US Army in Africa.

Read Greg’s series on the blockchain on Medium.

People, Planet, Prosperity

Triple Bottom Line (TBL)—People, Planet, Prosperity (PPP)

The TBL is a business accountability framework that equally weighs impact along social, environmental, and financial measures of success.

ReNus impact on People

Value creation for every human

ReNu draws its value from the key moment where renewable fuel is converted to electricity. Certified renewable energy generating devices will measure and report electricity production, and the value generated will be traded in exchange for fuel. ReNu’s value will be based on a global market cap with localized market rates decided by smart contracts to determine the price of electricity. This system quickly gives people access to local energy markets, and incentivizes sustainable energy creation within a community.

Value trading and investing for every human

ReNu provides a globally scalable vehicle for individual value creation and each person is then able to trade that earned value directly with anyone else on the planet. This localized value creation is uninhibited to trade within the global renewable energy market. In short, ReNu harvests the colossal un-gathered value of the world’s masses and focuses that value directly into sustainable energy infrastructure.

Decentralized Applications

Decentralized Applications (DApps) provide ways for anyone to generate value by participating in the waste-to-energy supply chain. By depositing trash at a waste-to-energy site, or using a toilet attached to a wastewater-to-energy system, anyone can contribute to the most simple business model on the planet. This is the power and potential of ReNu Coin.

ReNu makes small business ownership accessible to nearly every human—setting the conditions for the human digestive system to generate profit.

Creating the economic condition that assigns value to waste, among all other renewable fuel sources, allows nearly every human the opportunity to generate and trade value while acting in an ecologically sound manner.

ReNus impact on the Planet

Fuels local innovation

A direct and decentralized path to generating value through the conversion of renewables to energy incentives the proliferation of renewable energy at the local level. Building an economic system powered by the proper management of the environment, is by nature, environmentally profitable. In addition setting the economic conditions that overwhelmingly favor renewable energy sources and proper waste management over the status quo will have measurable global environmental impact.

The creation of a transparent and efficient avenue to generating power from renewable fuel sources is the backbone to any human-wide effort to properly manage environmental balance.

ReNus impact on Prosperity

Market Potential

World energy consumption is expected to increase at an alarming rate.

From 2012 to 2040 the total world consumption of marketed energy is expected to expand from 549 quadrillion British Thermal Units (Btu) to an anticipated 815 quadrillion Btu in 2040 (International Energy Outlook 2016).

Using the U.S. power grid as a reference, an operational capacity increase of 48% would require tens of dozens of new power plants to be erected, bringing with them an estimated multi-trillion dollar price tag and endless tons of additional pollutants.

Fair and efficient financing for the production of sustainable energy

Authoring the most efficient green energy infrastructure finance system offers access to time sensitive market knowledge in a lucrative and globally relevant green energy system. Detailed data management, analysis and machine learning will provide insight into local market trends, best practices and economic forecasting indicators.

Power of first

Being the first to market with a bottom-up cryptocurrency that draws value from renewable energy is a bold market-grab at the industry’s ground floor. For context, roughly half the planet is unbanked and will be heavily drawn towards any opportunity that allows for the exchange of waste products for either energy, or monetized for use in their local ecosystems.

Our global, bottom-up strategy leverages the needs of most humans to generate value, and have access to financial tools and global trading markets.

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